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Rumble Wepnz offers a wide range of accuracy solutions to accommodate almost any budget.

We can provide accuracy enhancements to your existing weapon such as trigger reworking or new trigger installation. Also we can re-barrel, recut chambers on your current barrel, cut 11 degree target crowns or any crown the client requires. We have the ability to true and lap your action, and install a precision recoil lug.

We also provide custom hand load development for your existing weapon. Fees are based upon the level of accuracy required by the client. We can even produce ammunition for your weapon if you do not possess the capability to do your own hand loading.

With a complete machine shop and over 20 years experience in custom loads we probably have a solution that meets your budget requirements.

The following pages will provide some insight as to our capabilities.

Have questions, feel free to contact us either via email or by phone.
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